help me … help ME

There are many ways you can make a change in your life. the first step is to decide you’d like to make this change. here’re some examples of life changes

  • your relationship is stagnant
  • you feel stuck in your marriagealone in bed
  • you cannot make a career move
  • your income is far less than you deserve
  • you are not feeling your best in your body
  • you are missing happiness more than not
  • your sex life is weak, you want more
  • you’ve been to therapy for years and still going
  • your child lacks direction and passion
  • your self confidence is not what it should be
  • you’re angry, depressed at times

depressedHere’re some comments from my previous and existing clients:

  • Shary, I’m smiling for the first time in so long
  • you’ve changed my life forever
  • I’ve been to therapy for 10 years and you helped me in 8 weeks
the most important thing is… you have to WANT to help yourself. Then I can help you, help YOU

the process

serene beach location is spiritual and calming
serene beach location is spiritual and calming
  1. email: your outreach with some basic information on what you need
  2. phone consult: a conversation regarding your needs. there’re no fees for this
  3. once we agree this is a fit, you will receive some homework to bring with you
  4. intake session: this is when you tell me what you want and need.
  5. after the intake session, the decision is made on a course
  6. you agree that you will commit to implementing what we agree together

If the distance is a barrier, this process maybe done by phone, although I’d prefer at least one face-to-face meeting prior to accepting to work together.

Contact me when you’re ready for change

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