my life philosophy

phylosophyMy life philosophy in my own life, one of the most important elements of being true to myself, is to base myself and my behavior on a solid foundation. My mentoring and coaching of clients is based on these;


  • Having joy is a choice we must make
  • There’s no meaning to life except joy
  • Always build it on a solid foundation
  • Taking care of others is a great way to attain joy
  • Learning is a great joy inducer. Learn as long as you live
  • Taking care of you is as or more important as taking care of others
  • We construct our realities based on our perception of experiences, which can be changed
  • People need a sense of freedom of choice and this can be improved
  • Materialism is not a concept aligned with sustainable happiness
  • Life is naturally comprised of contrast: It’s impossible to experience joy constantly
  • Anger, hate and holding on to the past prevent attainable happiness
  • We cannot control everything and everything cannot control us
  • We’re not always responsible for what happens to us.
  • Sometimes we are responsible for what happens to us
  • The spiritual divine allows for freedom of choice; we control some or much of our destiny
  • We’re imperfect. We’re incredible. We’re delicate
  • Integrity is a must as a part of natural fundamental symbiotic coexistence
  • We must pay attention to feel what is right with us. This is not natural, but intentional
  • Just lighten the heck up once in a while and even laugh at yourself too
  • At times life gives us lessons and we must learn from them. Those lessons are personal
  • Sometimes bad things happen because sometimes bad things happen. Nothing personal
  • Take the high road every time. Taking the low road is easier to start with but harder later
  • Unless you have direct evidence, reserve judgment. You could be wrong

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